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Prenatal Care | What to Expect | Prenatal Medication

Obstetrics - Prenatal Care

Prenatal care is invaluable to help keep you and your baby healthy. When we see you regularly during your pregnancy, our physicians are better able to spot health problems early, which allows for early treatment that can cure or prevent these problems before they turn into bigger issues.

During the first prenatal visit, we will discuss your health history and your family’s health records, as well as perform a complete physical and pelvic exam. We will take blood and urine samples for lab work and check your vitals and blood pressure, then calculate an expected due date for delivery. During this time, feel comfortable asking any questions you may have and our doctors will be happy to address them all.

In the following visits, your doctor will check your health and make sure the baby is growing as expected. These exams will include checking your blood pressure, measuring your weight gain and your abdomen to check your baby’s growth, and checking the baby's heart rate. Routine exams like these should take place monthly until 28 weeks, then twice a month through 36 weeks, then weekly until birth. (back to top)

We do perform prenatal lab work to ensure you and your baby’s health, including:

  • Blood type; Rh factor; complete blood count; antibody screen; screening test for syphilis, hepatitis, HIV, diabetes, sickle cell anemia, cervical cancer (pap smear), gonorrhea and Chlamydia; urinalysis; urine culture and a drug screen.

  • You may also have a first trimester screening test, which is a combination of an ultrasound and a blood test done at 12 weeks that is 90% accurate for picking up babies with Down’s Syndrome.

  • You will also be offered a test to see if you are a carrier for Cystic Fibrosis, and a second trimester AFP test which is a screening test for Spina Bifida and Down’s Syndrome.
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